Air Force to cancel Raytheon deal for 3DELRR ground-based radar system

Jan. 9 (UPI) — The Air Force is planning to cancel its contract with Raytheon for next-generation, ground-based radar.

The Three-Dimensional Expeditionary Long Range Radar, or 3DELRR, system was to be a gallium nitride-based radar that operated on the C-band. It was intended to replace the AN/TPS-75 ground-based radar used to track airborne targets.

According to a statement sent to UPI by Air Force spokeswoman Patty Welsh, the branch will start looking for options to replace the radar and will “take actions to conclude” its current contract with Raytheon.

“The current contractor experienced numerous technical and supplier challenges in the development of their radar that extended the schedule,” Welsh said. “Current market research shows that due to advancements in technology, other alternatives are now available that can deliver the capability faster.”

According to Welsh, the Air Force’s program office at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts will hold an industry day Feb. 4 and will release a solicitation shortly after.

“We are aware of the Air Force’s position and share their concerns with the challenges facing the 3DELRR program,” said Raytheon spokeswoman Jackie Gutmann told UPI in a statement. “We have been working closely with the Air Force to resolve these issues, and continue to support them with their efforts.”

Inside Defense first reported the cancellation.

Raytheon received an initial contract for three-dimensional long-range expeditionary radar in 2014, but Northrup Grumman and Lockheed Martin lodged protests with the Government Accountability Office.

That prompted the Air Force to announce it would re-evaluate the contract process, prompting a lawsuit from Raytheon.

In the end Raytheon, beat out Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman to land the $52.7 million deal.

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