Blueface's Artist Chrisean Rock Not Taking Slick Woods' Illness as Excuse for Starting Altercation

Blueface's Artist Chrisean Rock Not Taking Slick Woods' Illness as Excuse for Starting Altercation

The ‘Blue Girls Club’ star cites her Christian faith as the reason why she didn’t fight back when the model slapped Chrisean’s phone out of her hand at a party.

Blueface‘s artist Chrisean Rock has been involved in a situation with Slick Woods at a party. The YouTube star, who has gained popularity since starring on the rapper’s OnlyFans series “Blue Girls Club”, got into an altercation with the model after the latter snatched her phone when they ran into each other on Tuesday night, May 4.

In footage filmed by Chrisean herself, the Baltimore native was on Instagram Live at what looks like a party when she spotted Slick. Apparently awestruck by the model, Chrisean gushed, “Oh look at her, she’s so pretty.” She continued to film the model with her camera, but the latter seemingly wasn’t feeling it and slapped Chrisean’s phone out of her hand.

People were heard trying to calm both women down with one shouting, “Chill, chill, chill…,” before Chrisean got her hand on her phone again. Visibly pissed off, Chrisean ranted, “She just tried to wreck my phone… I was just trying to show love.”

While Slick apparently tried to keep her distance from Chrisean following the confrontation, the latter suggested that they “can have a clean fight, yo.” She angrily shouted, “She slapped my phone!” and alleged, “Shawty, you’re drunk! You disrespect me.”

Chrisean later addressed the fight in another Live session on Wednesday. As things didn’t turn physical between the two, the “Blue Girls Club” star explained what stopped her from fighting back. “This Christian thing is like one of those things, like how can you be a gang member and still be a Christian, not a gang but being true to yourself,” she said in the video. She added that if she had stayed true to herself, she would have been frivolous.

Later, Chrisean noticed that people defended Slick in the comments, saying she is sick. “I took a quick second to look at her viewers’ comments, and some of them indicated that Slik was sick,” she pointed out. She, however, didn’t take that as an excuse for the model’s behavior to her at the party, saying, “Everyone is constantly saying that Slik is sick. I never give f**k about anyone who’s sick, brother. If you’re so sick, why are you at a drunken party and slapping phones with their hands?”

Slick revealed in November 2019 that she was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma cancer. She underwent chemotherapy for it, but did not want to be treated “like a victim.”

The 24-year-old fashion model has not spoken up on the altercation, but Rolling Ray has weighed in on it and he wasn’t being nice to Slick. Taking to Twitter, he wrote, “Slick Woods too bald-headed to be playing soo much. Uh b***h who head shaped like uh apple would wanna apple products.”