Cyclone Mekunu surges through Oman killing 2

May 26 (UPI) — Nearly two-years’ worth of rain pounded Oman in one day as Cyclone Mekunu made landfall Saturday, killing two, including a 12-year-old girl.

Two others were killed Friday on the Yemeni island of Socotra, where 30 others are missing.

The Oman landfall brought winds of more than 100 mph to Salalah, the nation’s third largest city.

According to Oman police, a man died after floods swept him away and a 12-year old girl died when a gust of wind smashed her into a wall.

Cyclone Mekunu was one of the strongest on record in Oman, hitting landfall at the equivalent of a category 3 hurricane.

Roads were washed away near Salalah and numerous rescues have been performed by emergency officials.

The storm also triggered landslides in the mountains surrounding the area and caused the Salalah’s airport and port to shut down.

On Friday, officials declared the southern island of Socotra a disaster zone after the cyclone hit and trapped people in floodwaters strong enough to sink two cargo ships.

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