Future Busted for Giving Lori Harvey Same Surprise as His Baby Mamas

Future Busted for Giving Lori Harvey Same Surprise as His Baby Mamas

The ‘Low Life’ rapper is trolled on the internet for giving his current girlfriend the same exact birthday surprise as his former girlfriends and baby mamas.

When Future‘s surprise for Lori Harvey‘s 23rd birthday was first revealed on the internet, it looked so romantic that Lori herself was left speechless. However, it soon became messy when it was revealed that the rapper gave the same exact surprise to his former girlfriends and baby mamas, Brittni Mealy and Joie Chavis, in the past.

In all three clips from Lori, Brittni, and Joie that were put side by side, rose petals were scattered on the floor leading to the bed where there was a heart sign. The rooms were all lit up with candles as well.

The three females, unaware that it was a repeat, were all so touched by his gesture. “I meannn [heart-eyed emoji],” Lori wrote on her Story while one of the other two women cooed, “So beautiful! Oh my God!”

They soon became the butt of the jokes on the internet as the surprise felt impersonal. “His assistant does great work,” one dissed the rapper. Another shared similar thoughts, “His decorating people asked that he wanted and he said ‘the usual.’ ”

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Masika Kalysha also took a dig at Future, “Consistency is key.” One called the rapper “messy” while another said he was “sloppy.” A different individual commented, “Hey you gotta do what you gonna do as long as they happy lol.”

More similar comments flooded the post, “Copy paste,” “LMAOOOOO this is terribly sad,” “So wrong on so many levels, “When they think they getting something original…but he just knows what worked the 1st time,” and “Imagine feeling special then boom here come the shaderoom.”

This person took a hilarious jab at Future, “Oh he’s not just toxic…. he went to school and graduated from Toxic University and studied Toxicology and now he’s a Toxicologist…. this man about that life…..”

Meanwhile, one joked, “Run! It’s the baby ritual,” as they referred to the numerous baby mamas that he left behind.

It’s unclear if Lori is aware of what happened on the internet, but she’s currently in Jamaica continuing her birthday celebration with the rapper.

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