Lily Allen Calls Out Warner Records for Disregarding Her Sexual Assault Report

Lily Allen Calls Out Warner Records for Disregarding Her Sexual Assault Report

On ‘The Next Episode’ podcast, the ‘Smile’ hitmaker claims that her record label bosses haven’t done anything about the accusations she makes against a prominent figure in the music industry.

Lily Allen has accused her record label bosses of “failing to act” on her claims she was sexually assaulted by a prominent figure in the music industry.

The 34-year-old singer claimed on “The Next Episode” podcast that she told Warner Records chiefs about the incident, which happened in 2016, last year (18).

She also detailed the alleged assault, which is said to have taken place during a work trip to the Caribbean, in her book “My Thoughts Exactly”, which was published last September.

The “Smile” singer claims the man stripped naked and lay down next to her in bed after encouraging her to stay in his room when she lost her keys.

As well as “slapping” Lily’s derriere, the star could also feel the music exec trying to have sex with her.

But while Lily said she spoke to Max Lousada, a chief executive at her record label, about the incident shortly after the book’s publication, she claims Warner Records haven’t done anything about her accusations – with the BBC reporting that “the alleged attacker continues to work with Warner”.

Lily added during her chat on “The Next Episode” that she decided to come forward with her tale in a bid to prevent the man from preying on any other young girls in the industry.

“I would feel awful if I found out that somebody much younger and more vulnerable had had a similar experience that could have been prevented,” she said. “It’s my responsibility just to let some people know that this incident happened”.

Warner Records denied Lily’s claim that they weren’t doing anything following her meeting with Lousada, adding: “We take accusations of sexual misconduct extremely seriously and investigate claims that are raised with us. We’re very focused on enforcing our Code of Conduct and providing a safe and professional environment at all times”.