Macau schools to raise Chinese national flag, state media says

July 8 (UPI) — Schools in the special administrative region of Macau may soon be required to raise the Chinese national flag during ceremonies.

The former Portuguese colony is semi-autonomous, but as crackdowns continue in neighboring Hong Kong, Beijing could be tightening controls in the city-state.

According to Chinese state tabloid Global Times on Monday, Macau’s education authorities said “all schools” in Macau are ready to raise the Chinese national flag.

For schools where space is lacking for an extra flag pole, institutions will find a way to make room, state media said.

The Global Times stated raising the flag will “boost patriotism” among the residents of Macau, who have lived under the one-country two-system rule of China since 1999.

Macau is guaranteed its own monetary system, immigration controls and legal system. The city, known for its casinos and tourist attractions, draws more than 20 million tourists from the mainland annually.

Macau introduced new rules for the national flag at local schools in June. During flag-raising ceremonies, students are to sing the Chinese national anthem.

Cultivating pro-Chinese sentiment in Macau comes at a time when Hong Kong authorities are taking a tougher stance against protesters.

The South China Morning Post reported Monday police in Hong Kong arrested six people on Sunday.

One person was arrested for failing to produce identification, and five were arrested on suspicion of assaulting police, according to the report.

People are being held following large-scale protests in Mong Kok, a district in the city, on Sunday.

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