Protests erupt in Kashmir after man killed by police

June 2 (UPI) — The death of a man who was hit by a police vehicle Friday in Kashmir sparked violent protests that continued Saturday during the man’s funeral procession.

Witnesses say Qaisar Ahmad Bhat, 21, was one of two demonstrators struck to death by a paramilitary vehicle Friday outside the region’s grand mosque. The other man is reported to be in stable condition.

A spokesperson for the Central Reserve Police Force said the the incident was an accident and happened as demonstrators were throwing stones and trying to overpower the armored vehicle.

On Saturday, during a funeral march for the man, police fired tear gas and shotgun pellets at angry crowds as the protest became more intense because of photos that circulated showing a man struggling under the wheels of the police vehicle.

Demonstrations are held weekly in Kashmir, which for three years has been a point of contention between India and Pakistan because both claim its entirety.

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