Watch: Jimmy Kimmel releases 9th annual 'I ate your Halloween candy' prank video

Nov. 5 (UPI) — Jimmy Kimmel presented his 9th annual ‘I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy’ prank, releasing a video compilation of parents telling their kids all of their candy is gone.

The video, released on Monday, captures the roller coaster of emotions kids go through after their parents lie to them about eating all of their Halloween candy.

Some of the children reacted to the news by throwing a fit, screaming and crying, while others were more forgiving and tried to explain how eating all of the candy was a bad idea.

“I’m gonna call the police,” one little girl said to her mother.

“Don’t do it again, it will make you very sick. You have to poop all of that out,” another girl said.

Other kids questioned who Kimmel was or threatened the late night host after the parents explained that it was his idea to eat all of the candy.

“I’m gonna punch him in the weiner,” a boy said about Kimmel.

Kimmel also announced that he will be releasing a children’s book he wrote and illustrated titled The Serious Goose. All of the profits from the book, set to be released on Dec. 3, will be donated to children’s hospitals.

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